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Amir Hosseinzadeh


Amir H.Majid


Over the past 10 years, my work has focused on social and political issues as well as human personality in public places. I also seek to present an image of ordinary people in society as my main goal. Familiarity with cartoons in the past and developing a critical and humorous look in posters and street photography has enabled me to show an objective look in my works. Currently, my main activity is focused on the poster section, and I am actively involved in international projects as an artist and jury member. In the commercial sector, I work professionally as an art director and consultant in the field of branding and advertising. Street photography is a side part of my artistic path in which showing the real image of the human face as the main element in cities is very attractive to me. The use of the "coincidence" element in printing and painting with monoprint technique has helped me to create a combination of minimal art and Persian calligraphy and provide graphic and modern content.

A simple look at the subjects and creating content, art, and commercials are always seen in my works. Coincidence in creating a work, pattern, and humor are three notable subjects that I always pay attention to in my works. Modernism, along with the use of classical elements of Iranian art, has created an attraction for audiences outside Iran, and I have always received different and significant feedback. In poster design, my main focus is on the caricature-like look at the subjects. Finally, the image that the audience sees can simplify the subject and move away from complex artistic definitions.

Furthermore, I seek to create works and research on works centered on the role of the wall in open and public spaces in my project entitled the Role of Mural Art in Public Space. Also, I would like to create conceptual works and communicate with the public using simple elements and materials along with color. On the other hand, the wall, as a powerful element in the Middle East, especially in Iran, has played a colorful role in conveying concepts. Display and analysis of these works in this project can demonstrate a new role of the wall, contrary to the classical definitions of art in the street and on the wall.

In the meantime, the influence of artists such as Kambiz Derambakhsh, Touka, and Mana Neyestani in Iran as cartoonists played a significant role in my work and viewed toward social and political issues. Entering the field of posters, I have tried to convey concepts with the help of illustration and caricature, and in this section, I was inspired by Stephen Bundi and Lex Drewinski, who helped me become more active in poster design since 2015. At the beginning of my master's degree, I became acquainted with prominent artists and designers in Turkey, who was also my professors at the university. Among these people, I can name Dogan Arsalan and Gürbüz Dogan Eksioglu. As my style had a lot in common with these professors' views, it made most of my poster designs have an objective, humorous, and social look.

Needless to say, in the contemporary era of Iranian history, we have witnessed the performance of various works of "street art" and "graffiti" on the walls and public places of metropolises, which has always dealt with the social, political, and cultural issues of Iranian society. Also, in the political events of recent years, art and artists have had a great impact on motivating Iranian society and directing public opinion. Therefore, the works in the public space have always been of interest to residents, the government, and researchers. With a practical look at mural art, I would like to introduce contemporary Iranian mural art and its application in social and political issues in my future research.

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