2019  “100th march First of the Korean Independence Movement” International Invitation Exhibition - Korea
2019  Pattern Chinese Design Exhibition” The Holland sstation” - China
2019  “Two leaning towers” Contributions Wanted for the International Invitational Poster Exhibition - China
2018  The 2nd Exhibition of Contemporary International Ink Design Week, Beijing, China
2018  “Beyound Peace” International Poster Exhibition - Korea
2018 “Speak up” Poster Bienal, Ecuador
2018 “Love | Peace” Internationa  Taiwan Poster Exhibition
2018 International Invitational Pster of Troy Exhibition
2017  13th International face of Jazz Poster Exhibition- Poland
2018 Pyeongchang 2018 winter olympics Poster Exhibition-Korea
2017 “Dokdo” International Poster Exhibition-Korea
2017 Paper Beauties Orient- “ Ceremony Paper” International Exhibition- China
2017 “Travelink” International Poster Exhibition-Cyprus
2017 World autism awareness day international Poster Exhibition-china
2016 “Friendship & Tolerance” International Poster exhibition, Greece
2016 “Low Carbon day” international poster exhibition - China