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Iraq Hosts 2nd International Poster Biennale 2024 with Focus on Drugs

2024 International Exhibition

2023 VIDAK International Spring Invitation Exhibition "WAY OF DESIGN"
"Drugs" 2nd international Poster Biennale 2024

In a groundbreaking cultural initiative, Iraq proudly hosted the 2nd International Poster Biennale in 2024, centered on the theme of drugs. Organized by the College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad, this prestigious exhibition drew the attention of art enthusiasts and activists from around the globe.

With a remarkable turnout of 125 participants, the Biennale served as a platform for artists to express their perspectives on the complex issue of drugs through the powerful medium of poster art. Each poster served as a visual commentary, exploring various dimensions of the drug phenomenon, including its social, cultural, and political implications.

The event showcased a diverse range of artistic styles and techniques, reflecting the cultural richness and creativity of the participating nations. From bold graphic designs with poignant illustrations, the posters captivated viewers and sparked meaningful conversations about drug abuse, addiction, and the broader societal challenges associated with substance use.

Through this exhibition, the organizers aimed to raise awareness about the far-reaching impact of drugs on individuals and communities, while also advocating for preventive measures and support systems for those affected by addiction. By harnessing the power of art, the Biennale sought to inspire positive change and promote dialogue on a global scale.

The 2nd International Poster Biennale in Iraq underscored the vital role of art in addressing pressing social issues and fostering cross-cultural understanding. As participants and visitors engaged with the thought-provoking artworks, they were reminded of the universal human experience and the collective responsibility to confront challenges such as drug abuse with compassion and creativity.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the official website at:

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